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move-click-move DVD: Animation and Experimental film shorts by Deanna Morse
1970 -2001 collectionhttp://faculty.gvsu.edu/morsed/MoveClickMove/MCM_DVD.htmlhttp://faculty.gvsu.edu/morsed/MoveClickMove/MCM_DVD.htmlhttp://faculty.gvsu.edu/morsed/MoveClickMove/MCM_DVD.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1
All images, videos and text 洸 2017 Deanna Morse
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Time Flights Video Installation
A signed, limited edition DVD
Six video postcards exploring place, both natural and architectural. National Parks, foreign travels, and my backyard. Wish you were here...
Wish you were here...
move click move retrospective DVD
9 minute loop, DVD, 2007
Time Flights examines nature through the lens of time. Light sweeps across a lawn, a bird dances with a berry in slow motion, and the seasons change and transform within a single space. (Includes Postcards from my backyard and Seasonal Spree.)
Installation at Zolla Lieberman Gallery, Chicago, IL, June 2007
Installation at Wealthy Theater, Community Media Center, Grand Rapids, MI, April - June, 2008
Crafted frame by frame with hundreds of images, these seven video poems capture a unique time in the story of nature. Shared with equal parts awe and edginess.
Titles include:
Breathing Room, Ancient Woodland, Forced Perspective: Odessa, Postcards from my backyard, Seasonal Spree, Traces of Light
Titles include:
Whispers of the Prairie, this present moment, Skin, Skies of Mist, Fast n Slow, Kindred, Springing
With over thirty films, hundreds of behind the scenes production stills, and an inventive winning interface design, this DVD follows the career of a pioneering animation artist.
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