DVD: Wish you were here...
5:30 minutes, 2007
Forced Perspective: Odessa
My visit to the real steps at Odessa was affected by the Odessa Steps sequence from Battleship Potemkin (Eisenstein, 1925). Media images have power. They shape our real life experiences.
Forced Perspective: Odessa by Deanna Morse
Black Maria Film Festival Program notes:
In this cinematic salute to the film masterpiece, Potemkin, by Sergei Eisenstein, famous for its classic scene on the Odessa steps in Russia, and taught in every college film class, Deanna Morse visits the magnificent location and reframes it with considerable wit and wisdom. Cutout shots from the original film are overlaid with contemporary footage to create an intriguing visual footnote on one of the most important films ever made.
Postcards from my backyard
5 minutes, 2007
Postcards from My Backyard is an exploration of a single space over time. Incorporating time-lapse footage, motion graphics, and my own musical soundscape, this video poem considers growth, decay and transformation.
Cash award, Festival for the Arts, Grand Rapids, MI 2007
Seasonal Spree
1:07 minutes, 2007
Cedar Waxwing feasting... and jousting on a Juneberry bush.
Breathing Room
Examining nature through the lens of time. Light sweeps languidly across the tiles in a room. Outside the flowers erupt in a riot of color.
Music by Edie Herrold.
Presented in festivals as a short, and also looped as a video installation.
4 minutes, 2009
Ancient Woodland
3:30 minutes, 2009
Exploring an old growth forest. Created as an artist-in-residence at the Porcupine Mountains State Park, Michigan.
Wish you were here...
Video postcards exploring place, both natural and architectural. These six pieces have had numerous screenings and won awards including Best Documentary at Artsfest (PA), the Accolade Award of Merit: Experimental, and Third Prizes at Black Maria (NJ) and Twin Rivers Media Festivals (NC). Internationally, several were presented as installations in the Netherlands, Croatia, Spain, Canada, and the good old USA.
Light in Spain, the Odessa Steps in the Ukraine, tiles of the Hot Springs National Park, an old growth forest at the Porcupine Mountains State Park, and glimpses of my back yard.
copyright 2011 Deanna Morse
Award of Merit, Experimental. Accolade Competition, 4/10
ArtsFest Film Festival, Harrisburg, PA, 5/10
De Drvkkery, Middleburg, Netherlands Installation, 4/10
Athens Film Festival, OH, 4/10
Ann Arbor Film Festival Installation, MI, 3/10
East Carolina Film Festival, NC, 4/10
Amelia Island Film Festival, FL, 1/10
Detroit Independent Film Festival, MI, 2/10
Big Muddy Film Festival, IL, 2/10
Chiarascuro Film Series, UICA, MI, 3/10
Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts, MI, 6/09
Video Installation, ARTPRIZE, Grand Rapids, MI, 9/09
SODAK Animation Festival, South Dakota, 10/09
Special Selection, Anchorage International Film Festival, AK, 12/09
Traces of Light
2:45 minutes, 2010
Spring Light bathes the tiles at historic Bathhouse Row. Filmed as an artist-in-residence at the Hot Springs National Park, Hot Springs, AK.
Postcards Unplugged during ArtPrize 2011: