Whispers of the Prairie, an animated video installation about domestic landscaping, was selected for the Time Based award Shortlist for ArtPrize 13.
Whispers goes back to our roots to look at the first American lawn: Prairie. It celebrates the medley of native flowers that thrive in our forests and our sustainably landscaped lawns.
Whispers is available on the new Mindful DVD collection by Morse.
Homeowners can create a small piece of ecological balance by incorporating native plants in their yards. By doing this, we have reduced watering, use no fertilizers or chemicals, and have reduced mowing. Since we use perennial plants, they come up year after year and attract local birds and butterflies.
And the abundance of color is a break from the monotony of turf grass that defines most American lawns.
Whispers explores some visual metaphors:
-- manicured lawns -- blades of grass -- carpets of grass. contrast, celebrating the cacophony of color in native flowers.
Ideas for the Animated Short
The abstract and experimental film work of Deanna Morse is featured in a new book about finding and building stories in animation. Ellen Besen conducted the interview on the adventurous nature of the alternative side of animation.
Installation: Whispers of the Prairie
Morse honored at ArtPrize 2013 and 2014
ArtPrize is an international Art Competition, designed to create a dialogue between jurors and the public. Art installations by Morse were honored by both groups. In 2014, Animation Collaboration, at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts had over 93,000 visitors in three weeks. The time-based installation was in the Top 25 for the Public Vote (with nearly 400,000 votes cast).
In 2013, Whispers of the Prairie at the Grand Rapids Art Museum was selected for the juror short list, also in time-based media (see description below).
Animation Collaboration blog
Angels in Maui breaks the sea surface, above and below. We see the amorphous shape of a whale directly below in water, intercut with the distinctive breeches and slaps as whales come above, communicating to each other. The swimmer mimics the turtles as they break the surface, too, coming up to breathe. The singer calls to these angels --walk me through this one, dont leave me alone. For ArtPrize 2015, Angels in Maui was appropriately situated at The Holiday Bar, a place where Morse sang karaoke.
Florida Artist Residencies
Honored to return as an artist in residence at the Studios of Key West
In March 2017, displayed Clear, Deep. Quiet, created as an artist in residence (light and shadow) at Maitland Art Center, a fine example of Mayan Revival - Fantasy Architecture. Designed by J. Andre Smith in 1937, recently added to the National Register of Historic Places.
ArtPrize 2015: Angels in Maui
Animation: A World History
Deanna Morse was featured as one of four independent animators: Women in the Limelight in the new edition of World Animation by Giannalberto Bendazzi.
From the book... Her irony is soft and gentle, miles from sarcasm... populated by swans, cats, seagulls, stars, flowers, plants and smiling faces. Sometimes she focused on soft ironic subjects for children. At other times she dealt with people and their issues, and later she collected languid impressions about time passing. (p. 46, Volume III)